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2021 Best Party Game Nintendo Switch Comes With Clumsy Rush x Astro Pierce Spin Off

2021 Best Party Game Nintendo Switch Comes With Clumsy Rush x Astro Pierce Spin Off

Finally the #crossover gaming world is waiting. The characters of the two party games that hundreds of thousands of players love on the Nintendo Switch come together on an exciting topic.

From Astro Pierce to Astro Pierce and the clumsy Rash Hippos will combine in a series of crazy matches. Thanks to the collaboration between Sonka and RetireGames, the clumsy Rush x Astro Pierce Spinoff will be released in 2021. The game focuses on friendly competition and comedy.

About Astro Pierce
Astro Pierce is a very popular competitive party game. The adorable chaotic game of the big and small planets attracted nearly a million players and topped the “bestseller” category when Nintendo was released on the Ishapu. It is impossible to love these bears!

Astro Pierce Im Nintendo EShop
Tsonga is a game developer who specializes in topics for the Nintendo Switch. His portfolio includes hits such as Duke Nukem 3D’s widely acclaimed port or pixel art puzzle platform The Way Remastered.

About Clumsy Rush
The fun party game Clumsy Rush, with its rainbow color scheme, is famous for its lovely characters, humor, well-designed obstacle course and competitive, addictive gameplay.

In a dozen hippos (including sumo, Donald a comb, ninja and police) you will fight with others and reach the finish line and win the crown. Following the huge success of the Nintendo Switch, the game was released for the Xbox One in 2020.

Clumsy Rush in Nintendo iShop
RedDeerGames is an indie game studio and publisher. The company develops games for consoles and PCs, including the epic chess game with a cartoon layout including the cyberbunk game Cyber ​​Protocol and the Problem Chess – Gambit.

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Believing Heroes Encounter
Offshore Clumsy Rush x Astro Pierce is a series of brand new, fast-paced challenges designed to play with loved ones on one console and with players from around the world in online multiplayer for 2-4 people.

In this upcoming game, you can choose your favorite hero from the selection of cool skins and experiment with the figures of the character. You will find someone for you, after all, they are the famous Astro Pierce and the clumsy hippos.