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You must have TPM 2.0 enabled for the Valorant game

You must have TPM 2.0 enabled for the Valorant game

Microsoft alone cannot strengthen the terms of use with Windows 11.

Windows 11: Requires a Valerant Game to process DPM 2.0

Windows 11 Is coming inside A few weeks. Will impose Microsoft’s new operating system A new minimum configuration Enjoy it under the right circumstances. Otherwise, it may be necessary Do without system security updates.

These terms and conditions cannot be used by Microsoft alone. Video Game Publisher Rebellion will have the opportunity to strengthen security around its rival game Valoront.

DPM 2.0 is only required on Windows 11

Who are the heroic warriors Tests Windows 11 on Insider Edition In some cases they were surprised to find that they could no longer play the game. The game asks now Requires TPM 2.0 And this Safe start Enabled.

Error message

Error message

Both of these conditions are already set by Microsoft to install Windows 11 on the recommended version. As a reminder, mode Safe start Allows you to restrict PC startup to only certified operating systems and to prevent the installation of other systems. DPM 2.0 allows data encryption, thanks to an integrated security element on the computer (on the motherboard or processor).

This is not the first time that Valorant has stood out for its terms of use linked to its anti-fraud system. The latter, named Vanguard, must already have a change installed Colonel The machine is considered dangerous to safety and privacy. Microsoft askedHollow Infinity is the opposite of this kind of system.

Riot Game has not yet explained why Walrant’s Vanguard system now uses secure boot and DPM 2.0 in Windows 11 and allows encryption of an element, in particular, data.

The game continues to run without these conditions in Windows 10. Only Windows 11 is affected by these new conditions.

Since the announcement of Windows 11, the reference to the mandatory DPM chip has raised a lot of teeth. But what is a DPM chip? How to check if our PC is compatible? If not how to implement it? Let’s see it in this file.
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