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You have never seen such a realistic GTA V: Intel's work is incredible!  (Video)

You have never seen such a realistic GTA V: Intel’s work is incredible! (Video)

Enrico Corciolo

Have you played? GTA V, Or you have only seen its photos and videos, you know that this game offers an amazing experience of the city San Andreas, Inspired Angels And others Southern California This can be made more effective and realistic with the new project being undertaken Intel This is “Photosynthetic expansion“. It sounds like a play on words, because it’s.”Improve photosynthesis development“, But again and again despite the cocophonus name it gives an accurate idea of ​​its purpose.

The result is amazing: focus on the images obtained, available Video We leave you at the end of the article and you will notice one Photography Similar to what you have, it takes pictures from inside your racing car. But it is during animation that this work is most appreciated Wash the lights, Smooth surfaces e Reflections on cars, Which is very close to the experience of watching a video that someone has recorded Dashcam, Although it is all virtual.

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It may seem like one Street view of Google Map, But very smoothly animated: It does not reflect the notion of absolute reality, But anyone who observes that the film is carefully reconstructed based on something real is certainly clear. If you knowEnglish We would like you to know more about how this tool works Link to document Special published by researchers: Not sure if you can get the game with this new graphics Updates, But it is interesting to follow its evolution to understand what we can expect from new topics in the future.

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