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You do not have to share your data with Facebook

You do not have to share your data with Facebook

As we announced yesterday, WhatsApp now requires its users to share their data on Facebook. A decision that provoked strong reactions around the world. However, this obligation does not apply everywhere in the world.

Faced with this outcry WhatsApp wanted to provide some details about the implementation of its new Terms of Use. Thus, European users will not be obligated to share their personal data with the various companies linked to Facebook.

While outside the EU, WhatsApp users will have to agree to share their data with Facebook, a spokesman for WhatsApp said, adding that this part of the new WhatsApp Terms of Service does not apply to Europe or the UK.

Niam Sweeney, head of WhatsApp’s privacy policy, confirmed the report on Twitter Thread No change has been made in this direction for European users.

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