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WWDC 2022 - June 6 _ Apple 8-27 screenshot

You can finally customize your iPhone’s lock screen

Apple has announced the next version of iOS. iOS 16 lets you deeply customize your iPhone’s lock screen.

Customizable Lock Screen on iOS 16 // Source: Frandroid Screenshot

At the opening ceremony of the annual conference for developers, Apple on Monday unveiled the new version of iOS, its iPhone operating system. As Waited a few monthsThe company has released brand new, mostly customizable lock screens for iOS 16.

iOS 16 can greatly distinguish itself from earlier versions of Apple’s mobile OS, thanks to a customization that is, at least, original on the Apple page. Thus, just like the worst time of Android, users can change not only their lock screen wallpaper but also the font. Sure, in iOS 16, users can long press on their lock screen to change various components.

So, if you press time for a long time, you can change the font and writing color. If you long press on the wallpaper image, you can add filters or change the photo.

In addition to these advanced customization features, iOS 16 will continue Next to iOS 14 By allowing users to add Widgets Directly to their lock screen. Specifically, on the lock screen, you can directly display its functional circle, its calendar or other components from Apple Health. Apple claims that third-party developers can create widgets to add to the lock screen.

Better notification management

Still on the lock screen, users can also review how notifications are displayed. Henceforth, they will be exaggerated at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes a lock screen is a way to avoid the syndrome of multiple announcements that can completely cover the wallpaper. Another functionality released by Apple, Live Activities, allows you to watch the evolution of a stage without having to unlock your smartphone, whether it’s in music, while watching a football match or an Uber ride.

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Apple also mentioned that you can customize these lock screens according to your focus. So, you can have a personal lock screen and be very dedicated to your professional activity. You can also save multiple lock screens. Finally, iOS 16 allows you to use pre-configured lock screens with weather-related animations or space images.

IPhone users will get iOS 16 in beta in the next few hours. The final version should come with it IPhone 14Next fall.

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