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Yoko Taro did not think the game would sell well

Yoko Taro did not think the game would sell well

Yoko Taro does not think Near Replicant is selling well, and Near: describes the sale of Automata as a godsend.

Creative director Yoko Toro did not think so Near Rep Sold well. At least he says in the message he posted Square Enix website Released for fans of the series. The news was first shared with critics reviewing the game.

In the message, Taro reminds fans that Near Replicant is an “upgrade version” of the original game from 2010, not a remake of a remaster. Near: He firmly believes that the game will not sell well, as he has never done anything other than Automata.

“Over the last few years, when I came around to Square Enix, they always showed off this exciting shine,“ Look! Near: Automata (the previous thing I did) is selling well, so Near Replicant is also going to sell, ”said Taro. “Square Enix would like to use this opportunity to tell them to stare at reality. The names are only identical and the content of the two games is completely different, so it’s not going to sell well right now, is it friends?”

“I mean, come on, I did! Selling automata is a godsend and all my other products are not selling much. If you really go ahead and create these disks and put them in a big pile somewhere in a warehouse, the only thing we can do is play the Frisbee game. However, I mean … it sounds like fun and everything. “

It’s a little unusual for a creative director to say that about their own game, but Taro is known to be very open-minded. Producer Yosuk Saito, on the other hand, was a little more optimistic about the game’s prospects.

“We call this a ‘version update’, but I personally believe that no matter what Yoko-chan says, this name doesn’t fit the standards the team has reached!” Saito said.

“That aside, Near: Automata’s huge success is honestly a miracle, so I don’t think we’re going to sell that much. But if we do not sell a certain amount, Mr. Yoko and I will be forced to travel around the world and sell the game from the trunk of a van. .And, and Mr. Okabe must come too! “

Asking fans to continue supporting the series, Saito ended his message with the words, “Please, everything, not just Van …”.

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