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Xiaomi wants to complete APKs on Android smartphones

A Xiaomi developer has submitted a patch to the Android open source program, which aims to prevent users from extracting installed applications as an APK file. However, Google does not accept such a change.

Credit: Pixabay

The ability to install apps through APK files on Android is a great feature for developers and users to be able to enjoy new apps updates easily and quickly. The APK file of the application can be extracted and installed on another smartphone. However, Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi recently expressed opposition to the move.

In fact, Guowei Du, an employee of Xiaomi, proposed modifying the source code for Android. ” .apk files may contain confidential data, so do not allow others to retrieve them “Fortunately, Google does not hold the same opinion.

Google wants to continue to allow users to extract APK files from applications

Google immediately rejected Siomi’s plan. In fact, Google developers say that the contents of .apk should not be kept secret, and that those who really want to extract .apk can always use Android’s debug framework to get it. Also, there are many sites where you can download .apk files. Although Xiaomi’s change is accepted, Users would not have had difficulty navigating the new limits.

Just because Xiaomi wants to complete APK file extractions does not mean that they will stop. Android smartphone users can continue to extract APK files and Google may redistribute them otherwise. However, you should be careful and always download APKs from trusted sites as these may contain malware. This is why Google makes it very difficult to install APKs with its new version of Android 13 operating system.

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For its part, Apple considers sidelining dangerous because it refuses to allow iPhone users to install apps outside the App Store. For this reason, Apple has explained in a document why iOS is more secure than Android.

Source: 9to5Google