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Xiaomi Mi10 Pro gets its Android 11 update with MIUI 12

Xiaomi Mi10 Pro gets its Android 11 update with MIUI 12

In September, Xiaomi introduced the first Android 11 “stable beta” framework for the Mi10 Pro to a very small group of early adopters. The owners of this phone are waiting patiently True Based on the fact that the global variant of the regular Mi10 has recently taken its standard Android 11 framework with tons of new features and upgrades, the standard update that will hit their devices. The wait is over as Xiaomi has now released the standard Android 11 update of the Mi 10 Pro worldwide with MIUI 12.

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Compared to the early Android 11 build, the most significant change in the new firmware is the addition of October 2020 security patches. Software version number V12.2.1.0.RJAMIXM From V12.1.2.0.RJAMIXM. In addition to these changes, users can expect new camera functions. Xiaomi says the update will come in modules – a small portion of the user base will initially receive OTA, and will gradually expand to more users.

About Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Android 11

Below you will find the full changelog for the standard Android 11 update for the Mi 10 Pro. Note that the Android Security Connection Status (SPL) is incorrectly specified as September 2020.

  • Organization
    • Standard MIUI based on Android 11
    • The Android Security Patch has been updated for September 2020
    • Increased system security
  • Photo tool
    • New: New AI Moonscape functionality
    • New: New templates for vlogs
    • New: Vlogs can now be saved as drafts
    • Optimization: New Vlog templates and presets are now available for download from the cloud
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Whether you are running Android 10 on your Mi 10 Pro or you are an existing Mi Pilot user, you will need to download the full zip, which comes in at 2.8GB. In addition to the regular recovery zip, the Xiaomi Fastboot also has a set of flashing firmware in general. Users no longer need an authorized Mi account to flash the previous one, which further indicates the consistency of the structure.

Download Android 11 for Mi 10 Pro (code name: cmi) – V12.2.1.0.RJAMIXM: Recovery || Fastboot

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