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Xbox Series X |  S, No new title in future FPS Boost plan -

Xbox Series X | S, No new title in future FPS Boost plan –

Show FPS Boost From Xbox Series X | S It is much preferred by the users as it brings definite improvements in the graphics of the old games without asking any extra money. However, they will not be included in the future New games For the already upgraded 130 because Microsoft has to fix some issues.

In an interview with the Iron Lords podcast, Jason Ronald, the Xbox director of project management, explained the situation well. Basically, Microsoft has tested FBS Boost on a lot of topics. In most cases everything seemed to work properly, but the gods appeared Error Mysteries that prevent games from being added.

At this point, it is important to understand what is causing these problems and to cross the limits of FPS Boost. At the same time Microsoft is looking for other ways to improve games, but in the future, nothing came of it.

The FPS Boost program has been active since February of this year, and when used, in most cases upgrades the frame rate of the game from 30fps to 60fps, but sometimes up to 120fps.

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