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Apple dictates the terms and conditions for downloading apps from alternative stores

Apple dictates the terms and conditions for downloading apps from alternative stores

A few months ago we talked about the possibility of a refinement of the European Union Legal proposal It went in the direction of further increasing free competition. All of these will be to the advantage of the customers.

President of the European Commission of Hope, Margaret Vestager, Apple only argued that it should face free competition. All of this is governed by the democratic conflict between platforms that openly want to engage.


Shortly afterwards, with the bill gaining more support in Europe, Apple’s Vice President of Software Craig Fredericki, Confirmed that this choice will be favorable Malicious applications This will significantly increase the chances of it spreading and thereby infecting your device.

The experienced manager of Cupertino says the proposal is certainly commendable. Giving free competition control is an important opportunity for everyone, but the way it is done should be reviewed. Should be possible Powerful control filter related to the integrity of each individual application.

In fact, the App Store has a great deal of control, and applications will not be released unless certain quality criteria are met. Federighi also claims that Android has always been active and is a friend of site loading (installing apps outside the App Store without verified resources) citing monthly attacks. More than 5 million.

In short, Apple has not closed the doors to the potential European law of having to open stores parallel to the App Store, but I do point out how this system can be formalized. The Digital Markets Act (This is the name of the process) is still under discussion and more definitive news will be available in the coming weeks.

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