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Xbox Series X |  Accepts standard SSDs according to S Internet user |  Xbox One

Xbox Series X | Accepts standard SSDs according to S Internet user | Xbox One

The Internet is full of all kinds of handicrafts and consoles are no exception for customization, upgrades, splitting and so on. This time a user from China found a way to connect a standard SSD to an Xbox Series S! This new storage option is definitely not official and it won’t even be around for a while. However, it does give us some interesting hints about what our last generation Xboxes might have for us and what they can do.

A little hack

Currently Xbox Series X | The S offers three storage possibilities: an internal SSD that benefits from all the latest technologies offered by the latest Microsoft products Xbox Speed ​​Architecture), A 1TB expansion card Represents the official license and internal SSD, or external USB hard drive, designed by Seagate. A fourth chance may arise in the long run …

After watching the video on how to remove Xbox Series S, this user from the Chinese site Philippines realized that Microsoft has an expansion card-like protocol NVMe for its internal SSD, the only difference being the connection. He then assumes that with an SSD with similar characteristics and a suitable adapter, it can be connected to the slot provided for this purpose in the Xbox series. And the result is very firm.

Not satisfied with the success of connecting a commercial SSD model (in this case the Western Digital SN530 m.2 2230 of 1 TB) via the adapter, the Xbox Series S can even find it as an official expansion card!

However, the author of this DIY notes that the selected model is similar to the one in the Xbox series and will be identical in terms of performance. What about compatibility with high capacity SSD cards? This web user can open a path he has now abandoned to the “experts” and cite him, perhaps going further in this discovery. The whole story of her DIY is illustrated A blog.

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Due to the lack of formality, we can not adequately emphasize that this manipulation in an attempt to reproduce will have irreversible consequences on your consoles.