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Xbox has a new Edge browser

Xbox has a new Edge browser

Microsoft has introduced a new Edge browser for the Xbox, which can be used to play Stadia games, Discord access and more.

Microsoft has released an updated version of the Edge browser for the Xbox. After a six-month trial period, the Chromium version of the Edge is now available for all Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S consoles.

The Xbox version of the browser now runs smoothly on the computer and looks basically the same. It syncs all settings, favorites, tabs and web history.

With mouse and keyboard support, you can access Word or Excel online or play Google Stadia games, optionally with the Xbox Controller. Although the Xbox does not yet have the Discord app, the new version of the Edge can be used to access the web version. With Discord you can make voice calls and participate in chats on the text channel.

We have already tested the new Edge browser and can confirm that this version is a huge improvement over its predecessors. Very modern look and fast loading times make for a fluffy look overall.

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