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Xbox and Festesta: One of the Xbox that Europe will decide to buy on March 5th

Xbox and Microsoft | Bethesda Xbox One as a subsidiary of Walt

It’s been five months Buying Bethesda Xbox Has happened and the real benefits of this acquisition will only be known in a few months, Microsoft is in the process of finalizing the transaction. An official document tells us today that Microsoft wants to turn Bethesda Studios into one of its subsidiaries.

Walt, a subsidiary of Microsoft, formerly Bethesda

The Document In response to a query published in the European Commission’s official journal, Microsoft states that it acquires exclusive control over the entire Genemax, and that the acquisition will be carried out through a merger with a new Microsoft subsidiary: “Vault”, which refers to the popular fallout franchise.

EU hopeful regulators are set to decide on a $ 7.5 billion purchase Next March 5The European Union (EU) announced earlier this month the date of the verdict on “the biggest gaming acquisition by an American technology company to better compete with Sony Corp ‘s PlayStation.

An independent subsidiary of Xbox Studios, for what?

Do not integrate Bethesda studios on Xbox, so Studios Xbox, Is a decision that can raise questions. If things are confirmed and Walt approves the acquisition of Europe in this way, Walt will operate independently of Xbox Studios, unlike other studios previously acquired by Xbox, such as Absidian, Ninja Theory or Insile Entertainment.

For now, we can only make assumptions, but we can imagine that Walt will act as an incentive to welcome other studios or that this company will be responsible for operating differently from Xbox Studios. Will games created by Vault be exclusive to the Xbox? For now, nothing less is known, although Bill Spencer has not closed the door on releasing future Bethesda games on future platforms, his CFO pointed out that these games must be profitable in some way. Last November.

Tim Stuart: What we’re going to do in the long run is we have no plans to publish all of the Bethesda content to Sony, Nintendo or anything. But what we want is for that content, in the long run, to be better, come first or create an experience on our sites. We want Bethesda content to look great on our sites.

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