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Wrong Apple Map, drivers in Noores are definitely not

Wrong Apple Map, drivers in Noores are definitely not

The largest valley in Europe is inaccessible to Coromandel

Neuro. After resolving issues with Google Maps, Coroba Valley – Europe’s longest valley in Supramont Nooris – which corrected the maps, is now running Apple’s maps. An insult to the directors of the company Sindula de Ursule, the privileges of the administration of the valley.

So the maps representing one of the island’s most popular sites – the season ended with 30 thousand additions in 2019 – appeal to the IT company to be edited.

“The scandal is being magnified by a significant number of daily visitors, who during this period clashed daily with the misinformation provided by the web company – explains Luciano Murcia of Sindhula – unlike Google, which immediately changed the wrong direction following the report last year, Apple Maps did not do so”. According to the services provided by Apple Maps, visitors can reach the Coroba Valley directly with their car, but the information does not agree with the fact that once they reach the “Sa Parwa” convenient parking lot, they have to travel 6.5 km for the last time. However, the exact information is different: “The shortest way to reach Korobu George by cattle is at a distance of 125 km on the state road, at the Korobu base camp. It is only 2.8 km away and can be reached for free by car which is very close to Korobu George at Ken 125 Ceylon Pass at 183 km. Parva (or S’Appa Arva) is a paid parking lot, about 6.5 km from Korobu. (On the handle).

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