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Did you know that "Dous's Anti-Govt Verified" is an app that allows you to check your customers' health passes?

Did you know that “Dous’s Anti-Govt Verified” is an app that allows you to check your customers’ health passes?

The generalization of the health pass is obligated to verify the validity of the professionals once the size exceeds 50 persons. They get a digital tool.

From July 21, any organization that welcomes the public must ensure that those present, exceeding 50 participants, have the proper health qualifications. In early August, the Health Pass will be introduced in cinemas, theaters, restaurants, bars, but also shopping centers, hospitals, retirement homes, medical-social institutions … and on trains, planes and more. Coaches for long distance travel.

As a reminder, this Health Pass can be provided in paper form for download from the vaccination certificate to his Amelie account, with a negative Govt test of less than 72 hours or a certificate of positive Govt test of more than two weeks. Three months. The health pass can be stored digitally via the TousAntiCovid application.

The TousAntiCovid Verif application allows you to scan a document provided by a professional to verify its validity. Any health evidence should be checked. The names of the pass must match the names of the identity document issued by the customer. Labor Minister Elizabeth Bourne is known to have mentioned it this Tuesday morning It is good for professionals to check the health pass of their clients.

Professionals can download this app. It is available Google Games AndAppstore d’Apple. As a reminder, since May 27, the Health Insurance Portal has allowed each vaccinated person to print their vaccination certificate or integrate it with DOS Anticovit.

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