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Won its new business paradigm

The Chartered Accountant is fully immersed in his new business model. He is now a true strategist of streams, data and related support to help his clients project themselves and succeed.

With this updated task, he will be able to provide the right solutions, but also have to share them with his clients in a collaborative manner.

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Liquidity in solutions

To function effectively, a chartered accountant must select solutions that are suitable for him, but above all for his clients. To meet all of his needs, there must be a policy of absolute transparency that allows his business to go digital. While maintaining the necessary agility and evolution, he will be able to advance in permanent change in working methods and business.

Regardless of the various offers of his client, the Chartered Accountant will respond to a new method of cooperation with his client. He knows how to propose solutions in a reactionary way to suit his needs, evolving with him and avoiding immersion in lengthy and preventative processes.

Simplicity of flight

To succeed, the management of solutions must be precise, but above all simple and easy. Collaboration requires mastery of tools, their value and their structure. Only one point entry provides the agility needed to provide a global and consistent view of all business components of the customer. The Regate operating system provides an intelligent and integrated solution that simplifies the accounting process, simplifies its administration and streamlines its day-to-day operations.

It is about the ability of a chartered accountant to come with his client at all moments of his company’s life, but in all matters beyond the simple accounting of the company. The challenge is to learn how to find a collaborative solution that helps you communicate with the customer in a structured way and in real time.

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This new modern and agile approach takes the Chartered Accountant one step further in terms of its new business paradigm-based strategy, relevance and functionality and forecast for the future.

From June 2 to mid-July, Sage is coming to meet chartered accountants from all over France to help you with this success!

There will be customer testimonials, tips and tricks from experts, demos and new features!

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