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Woman's reaction (video)

Woman’s reaction (video)

In the men and women episode on Channel 5, Gemma Calcani discovers that there can be no future with Aldo Farrella.

In Stock of Men and women Its Channel 5, Gemma Kalkani Has come back to talk about the relationship with Aldo Farella, Definitely disappointed expectations after a dinner Turin girl. Also at the center of the study Isabella Richie, Knight retreated after discovering that his situation had not yet been resolved Kalkani. A vague situation arises in the studio Maria de Philippi Is compelled to intervene to make a confession Alto Do not want to attend anymore Gemma, Thus he finds himself heartbroken again.

Men and women, Aldo closes with Gemma Calcani (video)

Gemma Kalkani He kept his promise by arranging one Romantic dinner With Aldo Farella After realizing that her feelings for Knight are beyond the feelings of a simple friendship. Over there Turin girl He was emotionally broken by his voice, distracted by the evening spent riding together, listening to explanations, and coming to understand it Alto Very hurt Isabella Richie’s denial. ‘S new face Men and women, In fact, she backed away when she realized it Farella He has not yet resolved his situation Gemma. In the studio, Alto Thanks to the Durians for acting cunningly in that situation and in his story, even when he realizes that he is not a knight during dinner, Absolutely non-existent and cool.

Alto He reiterates that he was not warned Isabella Dedication made with Kalkani Because it all happened near the record, but his speech – initially it seems that Isabella wants to conclude that he hit more than her Gemma – Suddenly changing, Knight declares that he wants a simple friendship Richie. The latter, again, provoked her back and reiterated that she wanted to prioritize her acquaintance with Knight. Kalkani Because they both seem to like each other so much. Alto Begins to climb into decisive complex interpretations, which provoke Tina Cipollari Who sends both to that country and accuses Knight of saying that Lies.

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Later, the Farella Ensured that there were no conditions to change the friendship Gemma In a love affair. “It simply came to our notice then. You said Gemma had a feeling, and then you stayed up all evening for Isabella’s message. “ He was blunted Gianni Sperty. After so much persuasion of an area Maria de Philippi, Knight confirms Do not want to proceed to take part Kalkani. The peaceful reaction of the Durians amazes everyone Isabella He declares that he does not want to withdraw his actions.

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