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Windows 8 (.1) / 10: Change serialize in the repository

Windows 8 (.1) / 10: Change serialize in the repository

Microsoft System has a faster startup mode than Windows 8, which speeds up booting; Windows 7 does not have it. Still launching programs with Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (Trial: 21H1, May 2021 update) delayed. If the desktop is known, the file system and registration automatic startup will not start immediately. With Windows 7, programs will load immediately on Windows 8 and above, however, after a ten-second wait period. If you include autostart loading processes in the Windows Start access, the potential acceleration associated with the artificial Microsoft Autostart Throttle quick boot mode is related.

You do not have to deal with it: you can remove the breaking effect with a log hack and load your autostart programs earlier. You can easily make speed changes with the free program: something exclusive Computer built startup tuner. Whether manually using system intervention or using the tuning utility planned in the package: Both of these make the Windows boot process more efficient. If you want to learn something and want to hack the registry, do it manually; If you want a convenient process, you will find pleasure in the following download.

Download Computer Built Startup Tuner

Intelligent Tuning Tool – To make the last step of the boot process quick and easy: you start optimization with key 1. Once this is done, the tool recognizes this the next time it is called and offers you to withdraw the intervention.

The lean optimization program automatically and background changes the changes we describe below. The process is only necessary once. The tool is especially liked by ordinary people: they often do not want to take the risk of doing something wrong, or cause confusion in the registration or command line. The startup tuner worked reliably on all test systems. Make no mistake about removing the startup tuner once the job is done. If you want, you can leave it on disk: then check the effect of the Windows start-up process. If you are satisfied, remove the startup tuner. If you are not satisfied, call it back, accept the opportunity to restore the startup procedure, and now just delete the app.

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Replacing the Startup Tuner: How to Change the Registry Manually

You are interfering with the registry because there is no graphical settings menu with a switch that allows you to release the throttle in Windows. Win-R and those who like a cleaner approach regedit Record author. Go to the following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer

There you put the accessory Series And DWORD 32-bit value StartUDelayInMSec – Whose value should be 0; The number defines the delay in milliseconds. Serialize or StartupDelayInMSec are no longer working. If you create the latter DWORD value, you do not need to enter 0 because it corresponds to the standard value of DWORDs.

The factory-set ten-second delay had an impact on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 21h1 regardless of boot mode — that is, “quick start enabled” and “quick start crash”. Throttle liked file system and registry based autostarts. Turning off the brakes accelerated both. We tested several fast SSD notebooks that were supposed to run slim programs: the apps were a bit large so they loaded quickly – so you could easily see its discharge through the delay and tuning. Very practically, shortly after logging in to the user account, the tester opens a one-time pop-up with seconds on the Windows taskbar clock; This confirmed a ten second delay. After optimization, there is no need to count the seconds.

Two autostarts were included in the test, each in file system and registry. In the file system (Shell: StartFolder) Paint and Windows version number window mentioned:

C: Windows System32 mspaint.exe
C: Windows System32 winver.exe

In the registry start bar
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Run Editor and WordPad include:

C: Windows System32 notepad.exe
C: Windows wordpad.exe

Note that the PC will load prematurely (after switching on) due to optimization: Autostarts will load very quickly. Another advantage is that full PC power is available at an earlier time – once Autostart programs are fully loaded into RAM. On the contrary, you do not have to worry about major technical glitches: security software can scan your computer ahead of time. However, device fans may start to sound earlier (but in response they will stop earlier).

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 17 - Free Full Version: Extensive Tuning Package

Higher speed: Better tuning tools

Toggle: Try the command line

Those who stay away from manual intervention in the registry can use the command line, which automatically makes the necessary changes through the command. This will probably speed up the system and increase the comfort speed. Open the console with Win-R and cmd And paste the following:

reg.exe HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer Serialize / v StartupDelayInMSec / t reg_dword / d 0x0 / f

Source: Create tasks using the Windows Task Schedule to automate program startups and bypass Windows Throat as an alternative to Record Hack. You start Windows-R and task planning Taskschd.msc (The on-board tool is very cumbersome, especially since Task Manager is the Autostart Manager, and you cannot disable TaschDMSC Autostarts). A detailed guide to making your computer independent with task planning can be found in another article.

Some practical system hacks that you can use with Run Dialog (press Win-R) to tune the record without making a lot of clicks Article Windows 10: Record Modifications for Run Dialog Command is long because they combine multiple actions and use them simultaneously. Continuous intervention in the operating system is also included.

Additional Tuning Tool: Start Windows without Autostart

Fast-starting startup projects are all well and good. In terms of PC performance, it happens even more when autostart applications that can be distributed when the PC is turned on do not come into RAM. Therefore, it is a good idea to use an autostart manager to inspect startup curves and to disable or delete such important parallel starter inputs. Can be disabled by Task Manager from Windows 8; Some third-party programs are able to remove Autostart. You can experience with the tool how much better the performance benefit is if you shake all the autostarts Start Windows without Autostart.
The tuning application “Start Windows without Autostart” is based on the patch scripting language. If you run it, a window will appear where you can click to confirm the system restart. Windows now starts once without autostarts-co-starter applications are again involved in the following system start-up process. Please note that your antivirus program may be inactive if it comes to memory via Autostart in general; However, thanks to one or more Windows services. Technically, the module optimization script works to save your autostarts. After that, it will delete them. The restart takes place. Once Windows is freshly loaded, it only performs an autostart – runones – to reset the previously deleted autostart mounts. These are not yet loaded, but only when you restart the system.