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Installation even on older computers

Windows 11 or Windows 10 – your choice

Windows 11 At least it can be installed as follows Four options, Which involves the simple use of Windows Update (But only for computers that meet the minimum hardware requirements). Microsoft Has now released the fifth alternative that can be used during a clean installation.

When installing Windows 10 Windows 11

Installation of Microsoft operating systems is carried out via the so-called OOBE (Experience out of the box). This term usually refers to the process that the user initiates when “taking the system out of the box”, but this can be extended to all steps that allow a clean (or new) installation. Thanks for a specific update (KB5005716) You can install Windows 11 during the Windows 10 setup wizard.

If the system is compatible with the new operating system, the user will perform a clean installation Windows 10 2004, 20H2, 21H1 e 21H2 (Version to be released in the next few weeks), you will see this screen:

Users can choose whether to upgrade or upgrade to Windows 10 Windows 11. This is possible because the KB5005716 update will be downloaded in the background during the OBBE process (so only if the computer is connected to the Internet).

This method is especially useful for devices ARM processorThe surface is similar to Pro X. The installation assistant does not support ARM processors, and the media generator creates an ISO image that is not compatible with ARM processors.

To establish Windows 11 on older computers You can follow instead Official procedure Use Microsoft or the tool Windows 11 update It does not check compliance with minimum hardware requirements.

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