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Windows 11 Installation Wizard - 21H2 Instant Update

Windows 11 Installation Wizard – 21H2 Instant Update

With download Windows 11 Installation Wizard You can upgrade Windows 10 PCs directly to Windows 11 without much effort.

This is possible through the update wizard for Windows 11 even though it is not yet provided via the internal update function of Windows. Version 1.4.19041.1285 of the Windows 11 installation wizard is currently available.

Installation Wizard for Windows 11

Start the Windows 11 update directly

The Windows 11 Installation Guide is aimed at users with Windows 10 who want to upgrade their PC directly to Windows 11. This requires an enabled Windows 10 version 2004 or higher.

Definitely worth continuing Minimum system requirements for Windows 11 To be fulfilled. Microsoft also recommends that you download at least 9GB of free space. To use the wizard, the user must be logged in as an administrator.

After launching the downloaded file, the wizard will check if the PC meets the minimum requirements for installing Windows 11. If this is the case, you can click the button Accept and install The download of the required files will begin.

Then click on it Restart nowContinue or complete the Windows 11 installation. This process may take some time, during which time the PC should not be turned off.

Media generating tool and ISO file

The Windows 11 installation wizard helps Upgrade to Windows 11 quickly and easily. However, an installation media cannot be created with the tool. For this purpose, Microsoft provides Media generating tool In addition, live download Windows 11 ISO file Possibility You can at any time check if your PC meets the minimum requirements for Windows 11 Microsoft PC Integrity Checker Or Why Notwin 11 Cheque.

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