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Windows 11, able to download.  Microsoft ushers in a new era of PCs

Windows 11, able to download. Microsoft ushers in a new era of PCs

The D-Day for the new Microsoft operating system has arrived: Windows 11 must be officially installed on PCs from October 4 (Wednesday 5 in Europe), and there are requirements to support it. They repeatedly believe that this is the most important day in the history of Windows in Redmond (the blog post that collects the guidelines of the announcement clearly states) and they believe that a new era is beginning for personal computers. Significantly updated design and software with the idea that any user will have “modern and unique, flexible and transparent safe experience, suitable for hybrid work and learning”.

The time and experience of millions and millions of users will tell whether this is a new revolution or at least an effective and necessary improvement. However, it would be prudent for anyone, including PC retailers, to immediately download the (free) update on their device, indicating that they have not yet received specific credit for a specific piece of Microsoft’s latest initiative.

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Important message from startup to auto HDR for gaming

Often the subject of redesigns and second thoughts, the Start button positioned in the center indicates the new look of the Windows interface. However, its functionality does not change: you can quickly access your favorite content and applications from the start, and those who work on the Microsoft 365 Cloud package can access the latest files, regardless of the device used. Another new entry is the introduction of widgets, a new customized feed (enabled by artificial intelligence) that allows you to view temporary content and information directly on your desktop with a simple click or swipe from left to right.

For those who work from home or use video conferencing sites frequently, the good news is that integrating the Microsoft Teams processor directly into the taskbar can speed up instant connection (via news, chat, voice or video) with other remote. Users on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Finally, with Windows 11, the store has been updated, making it a tool for searching for all the desired content and multitasking options, thanks to the ability to set up new snap layouts, groups and various layouts. Stabilizes graphics features and supports direct storage, which reduces the loading time of games first introduced on consoles. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

How to download the update

The obvious but necessary question that many ask is: Is Windows 11 better than its predecessors? Windows 10, on the other hand, is one of the most “guessed” (as well as downloaded) versions of the operating system in history, as someone says in the troublesome update administration. Speaking of updates: The release of the new software will be managed gradually and will only be completed in the first half of 2022. Once your turn arrives (without forcing the download process, depending on the tools available online at Microsoft), the actual availability of Windows 11 will be notified from the system with a specific notification and you can proceed with the Windows update (the time to complete the process is announced too long). Once the update is installed, it will take up to 10 days to return to Windows 10 if needed, keeping the files and data already transferred. After 10 days, back up your data to the old system and perform a new installation.

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