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Windows 10, Microsoft Improves driver management

Windows 10, Microsoft Improves driver management

Microsoft is trying to improve the management of Windows 10 drivers. Considering this task as “important”, it has been improved to make the process easier.

In the latest “developments” released as part of the Windows Insider program, Device Manager is enriched. The vision of existing pilots has benefited from the new classification options. Allowed new rankings entirely in a completely logical way and with content organized according to certain criteria.

This development is now taking an official turn. Microsoft announces the release of Windows 10 Built 21382.

“As some users have noticed, Device Manager now has the ability to view drivers in different ways. We have introduced the “Drivers by Devices”, “Drivers by Category” and “Drivers by Devices” options to make the drivers easier to find, install and remove. , In addition a new action is available “Add pilots […] Managing pilots directly is very intuitive in many situations […] This change was added to the 21343 framework. ”

One of the new features of Windows 10 21 H2?

Windows 10 Device Manager

If Redmond makes it official, we’re still through the DEV channel. We have no information on the release date of “Public”. It is difficult to present a calendar for now, but it is not possible to keep up with this innovative publication Windows 10 21 H2 Planned for next fall.

Meanwhile, the next meeting is called 21 H1. This “small” Windows 10 feature update will usually be released soon. The final version (RTM) is already available for download as part of the Windows Insider program.

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