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Windows 10 21 H1: The smallest of the major updates is ready

Microsoft says it has finalized the next big update for Windows 10, but it did not expect much.

For many years, Microsoft We used to release a big Windows 10 update in the spring, followed by a lesser update in the fall. In 2021, the company changes its plans and the May 2021 update Windows 10 What Microsoft has finalized is that it does not have the status of its elders. The company may now return to the Sun Valley.

Release Preview and Update Deployment

Microsoft, in its official blog, confirms that 19043.928 is a candidate for the final framework of the May 2021 update for Windows 10. Users in the Insider program in the beta channel and Release Preview can already test this, or test the latest builds that include some fixes. The build is also available for download .iso directly from the Microsoft site, A sign that the company is optimistic.

As its name implies, this Windows 10 update should start its deployment from May 2021. However, there is no need to rush when looking at the list of new features.

What’s new in the Windows 10 May 2021 update

This May 2021 update is not really one of the biggest user-seen innovations. We’re talking about the new weather and news widget that has appeared In the Insider program at the beginning of the year. In two clicks, it allows you to keep up to date with the latest news on topics of interest to us and to monitor the weather forecast.

If we say that this is not really a novelty, it is because this widget will not be exclusive to the May 2021 update. In fact, Microsoft has decided to use this widget on all PCs that use Windows 10 1909 or later, with the update released at the end of 2019.

Leaving this innovation aside, here are three important changes listed for Microsoft Windows 10 21 H1.

  • Multiple Windows Hello Camera Support: Allows you to set the external camera as the default Windows Hello camera when multiple cameras are detected
  • Improving Windows Defender Application Guard performance
  • Windows Management Tool (WMI) and Team Policy Service (GPSVC) Delivery Performance Improvement

As you can see, these are mainly innovations aimed at companies or improving the security of the organization. If you already have Windows 2004 or higher, i.e. early version 2020 or newer, downloading the May update will be made much easier by a monthly overall update. So it is light and quick to install.

Full course towards Sun Valley

With the development of Windows 10 21 H1 coming to an end, Microsoft can now focus on a real future major update planned for the end of the year. Known Codenamed Sun Valley, Which should bring about a profound change of interface and a renaissance for Windows 10.