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Windows 10 21 H1 Officially Released!  All news of the May 2021 update is here

Windows 10 21 H1 Officially Released! All news of the May 2021 update is here

Windows 10 21 H1 Release now for the first computers that Microsoft deems fit to receive major updates starting from day one. Windows 10 May 2021 Update with features, so it’s one of the most important of the year for Microsoft’s operating system, but not many new features. The new version 21H1 lays the foundation for further updates expected in the second half of the year, and will instead come with several new features. So this one“Implementation Package”, To use a phrase dear to Redmond, which enables existing features in the code of current versions, but remains inactive.

What you need to know about Windows 10 21 H1

In the releaseWindows 10 21 H1All three versions of Windows 10 receive the same patches, in fact all consumer releases that enjoy official Microsoft support. On the one hand, users of Windows 10 20 H2 or 2004 can install the new version with aVery quick process(Which takes a few minutes, which is an overall update or almost), users of the older version will need to install the complete update package, which will take longer than both the download and installation process.

However, many of the features announced for 2021 will only come in the second half of the year: this DNS-over-HDTPS (DOH), new settings screen related to battery and energy saving options, disk management for the new modern page start menu or New graphic character. All of these messagesIt is in development today under the name of Sun Valley, You need to see them in Windows 10 21 H2.

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Graphic innovations will only come at the end of 2021

Some messages such as applications installed by default on the computer will be introduced by iWindows Feature Experience Package, A relatively new method that Microsoft has already used to improve some features other than canonical updates.

Installation of the operating system can be done via Windows Update, however some people will receive messages during the first days of distribution, which were actually only forecast for the most recent settings, and Microsoft is sure that there will be no problems during this process. The installation can be forced, and by the “bold”, through the page Download Windows 10 On the official websitel.

Windows 10 21 H1, (some) news of the update

Multi camera support for Windows Hello

The main innovation of the update in the Windows Hello feature, especially in the Face variant, is allowing user authentication through biometric scanning of facial features. With innovation the user canConfigure multiple camera settings in Windows HelloUse, for example, an external camera other than the default computer in use.

Security and performance updates

There are also Windows 10 21 H1Some security updates, They are not simple fixes to existing vulnerabilities (there are overall updates published monthly). Among the key innovations, we see various improvements in the performance of the Windows Defender application card, resulting in greater concern throughout the operating system, especially when opening certain types of documents.

Businesses are also expected to perform better in the Windows Management Instrumentation Group policy service. These are innovations designed to support long-distance work as much as possible, based on ongoing epidemics in many countries around the world. Thanks to some innovations in the update, Microsoft has promised“Best Renewal Experience”, Especially for businesses, so they can produce without undesirable interruptions especially during difficult times.

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