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Windows 10 21 H1: How to install the latest update now

Windows 10 21 H1: How to install the latest update now

Windows 10 May 2021 update, Version 21 H1, In the official distribution of Microsoft. If you have not checked Windows Update and have not seen anything, do not panic, as this is part of Microsoft’s canonical roll-out procedure for feature updates.

The latter are published by the channelWindows Update, But only for newer computers that are initially compatible. Over time, Microsoft will open the download to older machines, which will perform extensive tests and verify that there are no problems.

Despite the slow and progressive release, users can install the new update by following the three very simple procedures we report in the following paragraphs.

Install Windows 10 21 H1 from Windows Update

Install Windows 10 May 2021 Windows Update At best, in our opinion. It is simple and fast in “manual” procedures. You need access to do thisSettingsType Settings from the Start menu and press Enter to update the operating system from the latest update to Windows 10 with the latest updates. Select from the new windowUpdate and securityThen clickCheck for updates. If you do not find anything, go to the next paragraph.

How To Install Windows 10 21 H1 Now

After completing the search on the service serversWindows UpdateThe update will start a long download and then ask you to restart. Save all active work and wait for procedures to complete. The installation process works just like regular updates on Windows 10.

Install Windows 10 21 H1 with Windows 10 Update Assistant

As already mentioned, you will not see any updates via Windows Update. Simple procedure forUpgrade to Windows 10 21H1 Via application Windows 10 Update Assistant. Go now to install the new releaseTo this address, On the official Microsoft website, clickUpgrade now. Doing so will download the tool to the drive Windows 10 Update Assistant That you have to start. From the new screen, press Update and follow the on-screen instructions.

How To Install Windows 10 21 H1 Now

Install Windows 10 21 H1 via ISO image

You can as an alternative to Windows Update and Windows 10 Update AssistantInstall new update with featuresWithMedia generating tool, Which gives more control over the activities to be carried out. Not only do you install the “manual” update, but above all you download the full ISO (keeping it in a storage unit). This allows you to perform a system update or clean installation.

The media generator can be downloaded from the Microsoft website, To this addressBy pressing the button on the sideDownload the tool now. Start the downloadable executable and accept the license terms until you get to the screenSelect the function to do. Here you can select two items:

  • Update your computer now
  • Create installation media for another PC

PerUpdate Windows 10 Select the first item, create a USB stick with the second item, create the installation media on the DVD, or save the ISO to the storage system. Click Accept when the download is complete and confirm the entryKeep personal files and applicationsSelected. Then clickInstall.

How To Install Windows 10 21 H1 Now

At this point it will be launchedInstalling Windows 10 May 2021 updateWith times varying considerably from computer to computer in terms of integrated hardware. At the end of the procedure, you should get the latest version of the operating system, while having all the settings and applications we used before installation.

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