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Windbreak Sorbazo, 850 hp Italian Berlinetta - Auto World

Windbreak Sorbazo, 850 hp Italian Berlinetta – Auto World

A new hypercar made in Italy comes from Turin: it FV Windbreak Overtaking, A Berlinetta Hot Couture, which combines power and technology as a result of work Giorgio Pyrolo and Paulo Mancini. Turin pays homage to the brand’s new super sports car For the film Dino Ricci with Vittorio Cosman, Catherine Spock and Jean-Louis Trinidad. Available in two versions of the FV Windbreak Sorboso, Stradale and GTXX, both approved for road use and thus integrated lhypercar Asfanè, Which maintains a strong stylistic connection.

Windbreak Aspane DCTC is ready

The maximum expression made in Italian craftsmanship, the new creation of FV Franங்கிois Made in our country with the help of 15 suppliers. Two variations of sorbos Show off the sporty and elegant soul of this hi-baker with a straddle Characterized by a clean and elegant line, the refined Homes are offered with a gray color, at the same time GTXX Focuses on two-tone bodywork and a more aggressive look, which is inspired by the motorsport world and especially the GT3 Group cars. It borrows the most pronounced aerodynamic appendages and large rear section from racing cars. Not only the design but also the engine distinguishes the two versions of the FV Frankivento Sorbos:Both are driven A petrol V10, Which comes in a 610hp naturally aspirated variant, which runs Stradale and is the 850hp supercharged variant for the Sorboso GTX. Equipped with all-wheel drive and weighing about 1,300 kg, both cars can be relied upon at a power-to-weight ratio of 1.53 kg / cv. GTX Version 2 accelerates from 0-100 in 9 ”and 0-200 in 9-2 3 and reaches speeds of 345 km / h.

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“For our newborn Berlinetta Sportiva, we have gone from the well-known and highly acclaimed aluminum body to composite material; – Explained Pavlo Mancini, co-founder and technical and business manager of the brand – The Sorboso design path starts with the experience gained with Aspen, which enables us to get the car in production within a few months, actually being able to deliver the car to the final customer within 150 days of confirming the order. The interiors of the Sorbos are covered with a combination of leather and Alcondara, have a sporty character, and they are characterized by a minimalist design that is strictly meticulous in every detail thanks to the knowledge of Italian artisans. “

The FV windbreak will feature the Aspane DC DC 1000hp

The interiors are minimalist, but at the same time show a frantic attention to detail with the use of precious materials such as leather and Alcondara. F.V. Frankivendo is the primary of the sorbos The Artificial Intelligence Technology: This system integrates As an avatar driving assistant, as a brilliant co-driver, can be customized with the option Humanity With whom You can communicate using natural language just like a travel companion. Hypercar Torinese However it can be customized to the smallest detail Ego project, With client who can work with Frankivendo experts to select tailor-made components. You can even change the name at the GTXX trim level. The customer may actually decide to change the abbreviation “XX” with a person of his choice.

“We have designed with our first clients, they are famous sports personalities and collectors, for the need of meeting their needs already at the initial design stage. Told co-founder and art director Giorgio Prolo – I was impressed by the Italian cars that made car history like the Ferrari Dino and Lamborghini Miura, with smooth and tight lines at the same time. Sorboso maintains the distinctive stylistic characteristics of Frankivento, with restructured and intermittent elements. For example, you can see this at the level of the rear lights. On the other hand, there is a side to the difference between full and empty spaces with the classic shell around the door. The design revolves around aerodynamics, which is the cornerstone of car shape. This can be seen in many details such as the dual function of the air conveyor on the roof and the specific rear section such as the main spoiler. We wanted to pay homage to the city of Turin: the profile of the side mirror, in fact, extends towards the air intake, reminiscent of the shape of the mole Antonelliana. The most obvious stylistic novelty, however, is found on the front, where the two-wheel curves accentuate the wheels, ending in a slide with a duck bill in two headlights, designed as wing-profile cutting blades. ” First deliveries Customers will visit Monte Carlo and the United Arab Emirates.

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