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Will there be a Legendary Edition coming soon on the Xbox Game Boss? A Clue to the Xbox Store –

Mass Effect: The Legendary Edition It may come soon Xbox Game Boss, According to a clue that appears to have emerged from Xbox Store, Evidence to be very credible, despite differences regarding the particular case.

This issue was reported by the Polish site XGP, and a report on it Polish Division The official Xbox store, but there are not many witnesses to support it, because the thing only lasted a few hours and it seems that did not come out of that section of the store.

A screenshot from the Polish Xbox Store with a clue about the Mass Effect legend in Game Boss

In practice, more proven Screenshot Within hours of this section of Microsoft’s official digital delivery, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was reported as a game on the Xbox GamePass list.

Appeared on the classic cover Written by The game pass service will indicate the games in the list and then disappear. It may have been an error or the image may have been directly altered, making it difficult to have accurate ideas at present.

However, the thing is not so absurd – the game has to come EA Play And it was a while before it was added to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Schedule. However, considering that this game was only released last May, it still looks like a foregone conclusion, however, we are waiting for any news regarding this.

To learn more about the topic in question, check out the review of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, and we remind you of the second wave of Xbox Game Pass games of November 2021.

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