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Will the new game continue in cinematic style?  Check out a note -

Will the new game continue in cinematic style? Check out a note –

Tomb Rider Can be a New chapter In development, and may continue in the new game development of the series Cinema style It categorized the new trilogy, at least based on Crystal Dynamics coming out of the job ad.

Truth be told, we know nothing about the future of Tomb Raider, which seems to have been spaced out by Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics currently working on Marvel Avengers, and rightly so with a dark collaboration, an initiative, an announcement that caused considerable buzz.

Instead, the famous title reappeared on a new occasion: after being precisely re-mentioned by the developers in announcing the collaboration, suggesting a new game in development, Tomb Rider is also explicitly mentioned Employment Advertising Crystal Dynamics, which in some aspects of the new chapter, can still shed light on the vague.

Looking for one Lighting artistThe team announced that they want a candidate who can work with “a cinematic style in line with the Tomb Rider resume”, with a portfolio that can guarantee compatibility with that style, which seems to be a particularly important aspect of the new project. In which the developer will be hired.

Apparently this is still an obscure path, which says nothing about the true potential and characteristics of a new Tomb Rider in development, but a direct reference to the Tomb Rider and the latest style crystal dynamics created specifically, i.e. the Tomb Rider Reboot and Rise of the Tomb Rider, may be a clue.

All of this is accompanied by a certain insistence on the use of a technology Real-time lighting Rather advanced, which would be compatible with third-party action with complex level design such as the series in question.

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