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Will Shaolin be a third person with the music of Wu-Dong Clan?  -

Will Shaolin be a third person with the music of Wu-Dong Clan? –

In rumors running on new exclusive games Xbox Series X | S. The mystery also appeared recently Project Shaolin, Is a project that has not yet been identified and officially announced with a codename, but according to some it is a third party act with soundtrack Wu-dong clan.

Came from an insight into the mysterious game in question Jess Gordon, A Windows Central journalist and lost time native, he has always considered to be the closest element to the Microsoft environment, he may be credible about rumors about the Xbox, although it is still unofficial and consistent information, OK.

According to Gordon, this mysterious project, which unfolded among unannounced projects at Xbox Game Studios, was created as an outdoor collaboration. Brass Lion Entertainment, A newly formed group from London and it is a third party act with an imaginary structure or in the general sense it is not clear.

According to Garden, the game will be “inspired by anime”, with a campaign Single player Rather long but in the presence of a co-op multiplayer with 4 players, all focused on combat, probably martial arts, given the code name used in the program.

There also seems to be a predatory system and dungeons, so the elements that refer to RPG, although a hybrid, are actually the element that attacks this set of details Soundtrack It must have been composed of Wu-dong clans.

According to a bizarre exchange between the two at least on Twitter, Jeff Krupp also seems to agree with the latter element. However, the note is simply based on the fact that Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, the historical New York hip hop group’s 2015 album and collective works, Shaolin’s philosophy and theosophy are repeated, so we really know how to take the matter no. According to Gordon, the Xbox Series X | Shaolin’s project is one of the unannounced projects with “Belfree” in development for S.

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