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Wild and Indestructible Phoenix Rising சுவா Breath of Pokemon Millennium

Wild and Indestructible Phoenix Rising சுவா Breath of Pokemon Millennium

Between two topics Open world Such large thickness Indestructible Phoenix Rising e The Legend of Zelda: Wild Breath It’s also easy for fans to find some similarities in the game Nintendo Switch.

In addition to applicants Puzzle Solve and explore between the two games created in the dungeons respectively Nintendo EPD e Ubisoftin There are also some similar dynamics such as climbing or skating. Definitely stands out for the indestructible Phoenix Rising axis Myth Ability to customize ancient Greek or your character in plot.

Phoenix Zelda

In an interview, Immortals Sports Director Phoenix Rising, Julian Callutech, Apparently confirmed to be towards the extended frontiers of Ubisoft’s Zelda: wild breath to create their game, especially when it comes to puzzles. He explained What details The focus of the Nintendo game and Reasons For this they chose the latest title of The Legend of Zelda:

Creating a kind of Disneyland from Greek mythology, the basic idea is more stage play. In terms of game structure we were mainly inspired by Breath of the Wild – especially the puzzles are very inspiring. Because we wanted to emphasize the storyline and the game. We also saw other action games like Jack & Doxter and Banjo & Kasui. We knew we were going to be compared to Zelda and Assassin’s Creed, but I think that’s a good thing.

Julian Callutech

These are the words of Julian Callutech. Of course they are two popular games that have entered world stores 2020 Discussions on them are still going on today. Also, the new Immortals Phoenix Rising is available Myths of the Eastern Kingdom DLC Further Nintendo iShop Issued by Nintendo Switch.

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