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Who will replace TV in 2021 for DVB-T2, and who in 2023?

Who will replace TV in 2021 for DVB-T2, and who in 2023?

With ‘Announcement of the first channels to switch to MPEG-4Prior to October 15, the transition to DVB-T2 officially began, with the roadmap being recently revised and expanded by the epidemic. But let’s see who will be forced to change the TV early next month.

As we said a few days ago, As of October 20, some Roy and MediaSet channels are only visible in HD As they switch to MPEG-4 encryption, we reject the opportunity we have had so far to exploit MPEG-2.

If your TV can’t play any high definition channels, At the beginning of next month you will be forced to run to the cover (as long as you are interested in the themed channels in question) to be the last to change.

The Postponement of switching to DVB-T2 Al 1 January 2023, The date of implementation of the standard nationwide, has provided more time for those who do not own TVB-T2 TV to comply with the new standards. Anyway, keep in mind that our guide explains How to check the compatibility of DVB-D2 on your TV and Decoder.

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