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Which is the best VPN for peer-to-peer?

Which is the best VPN for peer-to-peer?

Using a VPN protects you in two ways. A public system (such as Hatobi) not only prevents you from being detected, but also prevents your computer from being hacked. In fact, when you download a file with peer-to-peer software, your IP address is known to all users of the network. Without a VPN, a hacker can access your computer via the open communication port for P2P (or another) and read or delete your files. With a VPN, the hacker can only access the IP of the VPN server. So it does not know your geographical location and is less than your identity.

VPN allows you to access torrent sites that are restricted or restricted in some countries from the location you choose. Additionally, VPN extensions for browsers or applications on your mobile or TV devices (Firestick TV, Smart TV, etc.) will not protect your peer-to-peer downloads on the system. It is therefore recommended to install a VPN directly on a VPN client (Windows, MacOS, Linux…) or router (for advanced users). Don’t forget to enable the kill switch on your VPN settings. This function stops data transfer immediately until a VPN connection is established, thus hiding your IP address. For more experienced users, the split tunnel is interesting. This allows you to select which applications can override the VPN or go through the VPN. You can choose your torrent / ass client so that it can go through the VPN (therefore must be protected / anonymized) and leave other software (such as browser, email, music or video site) unprotected, but the maximum speed (everything via your VPN Good to run). It is up to you to see what your goal is.

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Although some VPNs protect against spam, trackers and malware (such as click jogging) found on P2B portals (which can be implemented in systems), they are also vulnerable to viruses and other Trojans. To do this, always use the (updated) antivirus and firewall. All downloadable executable and compressed archives (in .EXE .ZIP, .MOCOS on Windows .Installing them may infect your computer .Scan your antivirus on these files.