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When it comes and how to download the CU model

When it comes and how to download the CU model

CU INPS 2021, Personal Certificate Issued by March 16, 2021: This is the date CU model, formerly CUD.

Retired, Beneficiaries Sleep As well as Dismissals The company must pay the fee Download the single certificate from the INPS websiteL’out CUD model, For the purpose of submission Model 730/2021.

The Information No one CU model Available through INPS March 16, 2021, A new deadline for employers and social security companies to send and deliver electronics.

I Retirees, In 2021 a New service: It is possible through the MyINPS portal Request a single certificate to be emailed. Cases you may request Paper sample.

Below are all the detailed instructions related to this Single INPS Certification 2021.

INPS 2021 Single Certificate: When It Comes and How to Download CU Form

In mid-March, the INPS

contact When you download the CUD online Contact INPS directly with regular news.

Single certificate is the first document Submit the tax return Also, from 2021, the deadline for delivery is set for March 16, which is a deadline that corresponds to sending to the Revenue Agency.

How to get CU INPS 2021 form? General rules do not change: Single certificate for this Retired and unemployed You need to download it online by accessing the company portal.

In fact, for some years paper submissions have been made only on request and on certain occasions.

INPS 2021 Single Certificate: How to Download CU Form Online

For that Download CU INPS 2021 It is essential to have at least secondary SPID credentials, CIE or CNS, after valid INPS.

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To Download the INPS Certificate You must be logged in Dedicated service on the company website, Available on track: “Performance and Services”> “All Services”> “Single Certificate (Citizen)”.

Allows you to view the service, Download and print the CU 2021 template, Which starts from the date available by the company.

Those who do not have credentials to access the INPS site may use the additional publishing methods provided, namely:

  • Contact INPS offices and request CU 2021 at dedicated counters;
  • Request the 2021 single certificate to be sent by writing to the address via PEC (Certified Email) [email protected] And attach a copy of the applicant’s identity document;
  • Contact the CAF, Authorized Intermediaries or Patronati.

Retirees can request that the INPS 2021 single certificate be sent by email

In support of retirees, INPS offers one 2021 New way to get single certification, As well as pension slips.

AccessPart MyINPS, With good evidence SPID, CIE or CNS I have a notice with useful information to get Documentation by email, At the address indicated.

Access the section “Approval Management” And authorize the transfer CU 2021 model by email.

INPS 2021 Paper Certificate by Post: When the CU Form is sent home

In practice, the CU form can only be downloaded online from the INPS website, in certain cases Paper document, Directly to your home.

Ability to demandSending by post And in immigration INPS 2021 Single Certificate It only covers citizens over the age of 80, companions, special or communications allowance.

Service, so called “Mobile desk”, To send a specific communication, along with the telephone numbers of the operator of the regional qualified office, to request Single certificate export At home.

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I Retirees living abroad They can request a certificate by providing their personal data and tax code by calling (+39) 06 59058000 or (+39) 06 59053132, 8 to 19 (Italian time).

In more cases related to the inability to access the certificate, you may request that CU 2021 be sent to your home by calling the toll-free numbers 800.434320 and 803.164, which are only enabled for incoming calls from the fixed network. Mobile phone calls can be made on 06.164164.

CU 2021 Release and Issuance to Heirs

Single certificate may be requested by a representative or heirs of the deceased owner.

In the first case, in addition to the proxy authorizing INPS to issue the certificate, copies of the identification documents of the interested party and the representative are required.

L ‘Heir Instead, they must submit a replacement notice of the defamation deed and a copy of their identity document.