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WhatsApp: The most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide in November

WhatsApp: The most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide in November

WhatsApp was the most downloaded non-gaming mobile app worldwide in November 2020, according to Censor Tower.

WhatsApp had 58 million installations last month, according to Censor Tower Store Intelligence. India accounted for 30 per cent and Nigeria for 10 per cent of the app’s total downloads.

WhatsApp is the most downloaded app in the Google Play Store. However, when it comes to Apple App Store downloads, Dictoc is number one in terms of number of downloads.

Dictoc is the second most downloaded app in the world. It is the second non-gaming app to be installed worldwide with nearly 55 million installations last month.

“Countries with the highest number of dictoc installations are 12 percent from China’s Duin and Indonesia 8 percent,” the report said.

The top five most downloaded non-gaming apps in November include Facebook, Weather and Radar USA and Instagram.

Made more collections for non-gaming applications

In terms of revenue, Dictoc earned the highest revenue in November with over 123 million user spending, 3.7 times its revenue in November 2019.

About 85 percent of Dictok’s revenue comes from China’s Duin, followed by 8 percent from the United States and 2 percent from Turkey.

YouTube is the highest-grossing non-gaming app worldwide with nearly 88 million in total revenue. In November 2020, YouTube saw 59 percent of user spending per year compared to November 2019. About 53 percent of YouTube’s revenue came from the United States, followed by 11 percent from Japan.

High-revenue non-gaming apps include Tinder, Disney + and Tencent Video.

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