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WhatsApp Pink: This application should not be downloaded

WhatsApp Pink: This application should not be downloaded

In broken English, did you get a link in your messages to download WhatsApp Pink (sic)? Have you noticed that there are issues with display errors (displays of an Android app on the body of the iPhone 7, image that appears too stretched in width, multiple spelling and typographical errors)?

This is actually a scam and if you click on the link and install the APK file of the application, your most important personal data is at risk!

The scam was discovered by security analyst Rajshekar Raharia, who describes how the campaign works in a series of tweets. This activity is similar to the previous malicious campaign. This is a fake Netflix application spread on WhatsApp. At the moment, this is the weird WhatsApp Pink app that acts as a honeycomb, still on WhatsApp.

Its caregivers simply describe the app as a pink version of WhatsApp. What more to browse in this future feature of WhatsApp still in beta. When the user tries to install the APK file (which happens via a link outside the Play Store), the application asks for a reasonable number of permissions, and then nothing works, as if the application did not work. In fact it actually started in the background and then starts its illegal activities.

All personal data in the application will be sent to the hacker control server. This includes bank details and access to important accounts such as your email. For now, the attack is mostly active in India, but it is expected to spread beyond the country’s borders. When you receive this type of link, read everything carefully and beware of errors, especially typography.

If there is any surprise, you should always check what a message says by going to the publisher’s official website. If you accidentally install WhatsApp Ping, some sites advise you to uninstall the app from the settings, go to your WhatsApp account to remove all suspicious application activities and change your passwords to the most important accounts (email, banking, news and social networks). , From your PC or another terminal.

Since it is malware and has the ability to hide its functions, you will not be sure that you are really out of the woods until you destroy everything and reset your smartphone to its factory settings.

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