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Novità Whatsapp: è possibile ora velocizzare gli audio. E le chat archiviate...

WhatsApp News: Now you can speed up audio. And archived chats … | A league

Following in the footsteps of podcasting sites (primarily Spotify) and Telegraph, WhatsApp now allows users to increase the speed of voice message movement. Going after the fastest and fastest and longest beta tests in the world Facebook, This feature already seems to have been a huge success.

To use innovation, it will be necessary Update the app, especially downloading version for Android and for iOS. Then, by launching the application, all you have to do is listen to the audio file and click on the indicator that appears on the screen instead of the user avatar. WhatsApp allows you to set three different playback speeds: 1x, 1.5x and 2x, depending on your preferences and needs.

Thanks for this update, finally Many minutes long voice notes can be heard very fast. Who knows if this will lead to further expansion of our friends and trust virtual chats …

However, we will also be preparing for further improvements that WhatsApp will make in the most secretive way. According to a report WABetaInfo, The company wants to open up the possibility for users to permanently hide archived chats. In fact, in the current version, the archived conversation will be automatically reset to the main chat when a new message arrives.

However, it is difficult to predict the direction WhatsApp will take to pursue arrogant telegrams, as a messaging application, in terms of usability, is always at the forefront. In the meantime, for now, let’s enjoy this news. 10 (and sometimes more) minutes of voice notes will no longer waste us much time.

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