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WhatsApp news causes a stir!  Remove it immediately

WhatsApp news causes a stir! Remove it immediately

WhatsApp news causes a stir! Remove it immediately

This is WhatsApp

Germany’s most popular instant ambassador: WhatsApp.

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Attention! Users Share Now be careful. The particularly notorious scam is once again spreading in the popular news service.

Cyber ​​experts are now warning of the worst scams Share Explain how users should behave in this regard.

WhatsApp: You should never respond to this message

WhatsApp users should definitely be prepared for this:

According to a report by “” a new malicious application has been spreading through the messenger service for several weeks.

WhatsApp users should be asked in a message to download this malware on their smartphone.


This is WhatsApp:


“Download this app and win the smartphone” – If you receive this message via WhatsApp, be careful.

A link is sent to the message, through which you can download the alleged app. But you definitely shouldn’t do it!

WhatsApp: One click on the link will end badly

After clicking the link, you will be redirected to the fake Google Play Store that looks amazing like the original.

Once you have downloaded the alleged app on your smartphone, you will not find a match as promised by the malicious malware that spreads all over your cell phone via WhatsApp.

Conclusion: You may have been spying as a WhatsApp user or your data may have been stolen. Additionally, the malware gains access to all your WhatsApp messages and sends malicious links to your WhatsApp contacts.

WhatsApp: Experts Recommend – How to Protect Yourself from Fraud

How ““Reports, security expert ESET malware researcher Lucas Stephenko warns of fraud in a YouTube video.

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According to him, it is better to update the WhatsApp Messenger service regularly to prevent this awful scam.

The expert also recommends that every smartphone owner download the security app on their mobile phone. He cites the use of anti-phishing as an example of “identity guard”.

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