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WhatsApp, How to hide our last login and see others

WhatsApp, How to hide our last login and see others

You can see how we can hide our latest movements on WhatsApp while also hiding other people’s movements.

WhatsApp on how to view and hide the last photos accessed from the internet

There is a feature in WhatsApp We can be like a complete capo, thanks to which we can protect our privacy by preventing others from detecting our movements within the application.

Want to know how to hide the last access we made from the contacts in the address book? Nothing easy. And we can do this because it is a process that can come in handy. Sometimes the need arises to somehow hide or limit our existence.

At the same time, you can always use WhatsApp. To hide from others when our last access takes place, you must do this and follow a very simple procedure.

WhatsApp, How to implement the trick

Photos from the web

Among other things, our preferred recipient in particular may have done this to us: this includes changing privacy settings by removing the option to view messages. We can do this just like anyone else on WhatsApp.

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But if we were lucky enough to join a public chat while he was online we would know at that time. Finally, change what are the default options in the Settings menu The most widely used messaging application in the world.

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We can set our presence, always be online, choose to be busy or choose what is invisible.

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We can always choose the contacts that can be displayed online or hidden from our lives for the rest of our lives. We will see this from the circle where the picture of our account is inserted.