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WhatsApp Chain Letter Shocks: Was the Group System Secretly Changed?

WhatsApp Chain Letter Shocks: Was the Group System Secretly Changed?

Germans like to chat on WhatsApp. But utility systems have their risks. A chain letter currently scares many users. What is behind this?

A chain letter that WhatsApp secretly transfers privacy settings for chat groups is currently generating rounds. “What this means is that every WhatsApp user – even if you don’t know it – can add you to any group without your knowledge and without your permission,” the threatening audio message said. As a result, there were even spam threats and hacker attacks. Some users should be scared by such news.

1. Make sure you do this: Check your privacy settings

No need to panic. In fact, “secret conversion” is a standard system on WhatsApp. But not every user knows that this can be changed – it is recommended by data protectors.

In fact WhatsApp reintroduces data security options for groups in 2019Stop spam invitations. Before that, it was really possible to add any WhatsApp user to a group against their will and abuse the functionality for all sorts of nonsense. Victims can do nothing but leave the group and block contact.

How to change group settings

WhatsApp’s group settings are set to “for everyone” by default. In other words, after reinstalling the app, everyone can add it to a group. To change it, do the following:

  1. Open WhatsApp Settings.
  2. “Tap”Account“.
  3. Then “Privacy“.
  4. Tap the entry “Groups“In the lower range.
  5. Decide who can add you to a group.
  6. Confirm your selection “Done“.

Screen Shots: How to set up so that not everyone can add you to a WhatsApp group. (Source: D-Online)

Source: It is necessary to check the settings every time. Application settings can be reset to default values, especially after a software update. But this is not uncommon and has not been a conspiracy against WhatsApp users for a long time.

Screen Shots: How to set up so that not everyone can add you to a WhatsApp group.  (Source: D-Online)Screen Shots: How to set up so that not everyone can add you to a WhatsApp group. (Source: D-Online)

The mentioned chain letter is designed to spread panic – so it is very popular among users who know nothing about data security options before or have forgotten what settings they made many years ago.

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The best thing is to have the opportunity to double check all WhatsApp settings. T-Online summarizes the most useful tips and tricks so that you can avoid annoying issues and improve WhatsApp.

2. Save storage space and data size

Everyone is in one of those groups, where more or less funny cat videos are shared all the time. Your smartphone’s memory is almost full, but you do not know which chat uses more memory? Navigate to WhatsApp Settings. Below “Storage and data“Then”Manage storage“All chats and their memory usage are displayed. Click on the respective chat to see the media files that take up memory. Tap”Choose“Then in the content you want to delete. If you want, you can select” Select All “below. Tap the trash can to delete the selected content.

You should check the settings under “Storage and Data” to avoid being downloaded as soon as the images arrive. There you can specify that videos are downloaded only when there is a wifi connection, for example, to protect the data level.

3. Share live location

You want to meet a friend and give him your current location, but you do not know the address? WhatsApp offers a simple feature that allows you to share your location at one time or another.

Go to the respective area Chat, Tap the “+” icon in the lower left corner and then select “Location”. You can decide whether to update “Send current location” or “Share live location”. If you choose the latter, you can choose whether to split it into 15 minutes, one or eight hours. The message ends automatically.

4. Delete messages

Did you actually send a message to your employer that was sent to someone else? Messages can now be deleted on WhatsApp. If you notice a fake pass within an hour, hold down on the message you sent by mistake, select “Delete” and “Delete All”. This will bring the message back. Instead of a false message, there is only the message “This message has been deleted”.

5. Avoid the WhatsApp camera

Take a group selfie with WhatsApp photo activity and quickly share it with other participants in the group? It’s good to take your time and switch to camera use Smartphones. As a rule, these take remarkably good pictures. In addition, the posts in the photo gallery are maintained in high quality.

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If you want to send a note quickly, WhatsApp photo functionality is enough. By the way, if the front camera should appear first, double-tap the display and WhatsApp will switch to the rear camera.

6. Disable chats

Group chats are especially infamous for their high volume messages. But especially when you have to focus on an important task, it can get on your nerves quickly. In order not to leave the group right now, you can disable them.

Select the chat and go to the “Disable” tab by clicking the name above to access its profile. You can now choose whether you want to disable chat for eight hours, a week or a whole year.

7. Record voice messages voice messages

If the voice message is available for a while, holding your finger on the microphone icon will become more stressful over time. If the finger slips and the record breaks, the problem is much better. WhatsApp has also developed a solution for this.

Start recording as usual by pressing and holding the microphone icon. After a few seconds, a small lock will appear on your screen. When pressed, move your finger slightly upwards. The record is now “locked” and the finger can be removed. After completing the voice message, tap on the paper airplane icon in the lower right, in which messages are sent.

8. Enable two-step verification

Two-step verification ensures greater security. WhatsApp supports this security function. With such verification, the user will usually receive a number code on the mobile phone after entering the password. You need to come up with a six digit code through WhatsApp.

If you want to set up WhatsApp on new mobile phone, you need to enter this code. It can crack, but your data is at least as secure as it is without code. If you forget it, you can reset it via email.

You can enable two-step verification in the settings under “Account” and then “two-step verification”.

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9. Call up to seven friends via WhatsApp and save the data level

WhatsApp calls are cheap, especially for smartphone users without a flat-rate call. Eight WhatsApp users can call each other and see each other at the same time.

As usual, start the audio or video call in the chat history on the top right. If the desired participant has taken it, you can now click on the “Add Contact” icon with the small plus in the upper right corner.

Alternatively, you can start a group call directly. To do this, you open the corresponding group chat. If the group has eight or fewer members, all you have to do is tap the phone or video icon to start the group conversation. For larger groups, there is a phone receiver with a “+” in the upper right instead. If you tap it, you can select up to seven participants per group call.

Risk: A call over a mobile network uses a lot of data. In Settings you can enable “Use less data for calls” under “Storage and Data” in the “Network” area. Unfortunately, this does not include call quality.

10. Customer service via WhatsApp

You can spend a lot of time in the customer service queue. By giving WhatsApp companies the opportunity to handle customer service via Messenger, you can confidently save time in the future.

The mobile operator was one of the first companies to offer in Germany Vodafone This function. All you have to do is start chatting on 0172 121 721 2 and you are connected to Vodafone. It is true that the answer to the question should not come until a few hours. You do not have to wait all the time to do this. As usual with other chats, you will receive a push notification.

O2 also has WhatsApp customer service. It can be started under 089 666 630 097. Provider Congstar offers its WhatsApp customer service on 0221 79 700 100.