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Whataburger Lottery is set you can download for free

Whataburger Lottery is set you can download for free

El Katrin! La Sirena! L … Whatburger? Texas’ favorite burger joint is offering downloads of their exclusive take on Lottery with “What Burger Lottery”. Lottery means “lottery” in Spanish and a great game to play with the whole family. The Waterburger Lottery includes cards such as “El Waterburger”, “El Double U” and “El Tacito”. Friday on Instagram, Whatberger Introducing the game As a way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

You can download your own Waterburger Lottery Cards and Deck to play at home by clicking Here. With the download you will get four Tablas or Play cards and 36 exclusive and fully Waterburger themed calling cards. If you have never played Lottery, it follows the same rules as Bingo. However, since it’s a waterburger, they say “Lottery!” When you win a round, you yell “waterburger”. In addition, Whatberger well suggests that the person who wins the most rounds will be treated to their favorite Whatberger meal.

I know a lot of people are playing the lottery game with their own rules, but the suggestion that the winner should be treated to waterburger is that I need to be with my own family. Other versions of Lottery are also available; This “pandemic” lottery was bought by my mother.

Lottery is a great game to play with the whole family and whattburger needs to create their version on it is this pandemic! So Download yours today And the odds may be in your favor.