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What happens to the song Jia from Singles Inferno? Internet users show their support K-Selection

Recent Status of Influencer and YouTuber Song Gia (Freesia) retires after counterfeit note controversy.Came to know.

On May 19, several photos of the song Jia (26) were published on the page of the Catholic House of Love and Peace.

The Catholic Home for Love and Peace said: “Jia comes once a month and works hard in the kitchen. He is also involved in the delivery of food boxes to the village of Jjokpang. We hope he continues to spread his positive influence in the future. ⁇

Zhang Jia participated in a lunch box service for residents and the homeless in Jjokpang Village. The song wore a shield, hat and mask. Park Ji-yeon, 37, the wife of comedian Lee Soo-kyun, joined the group. Park Ji-yon shared on his social media: “I’m so happy when I cook. I came here to share this joy with the good guys.” He mentioned the song Jia: “It’s a happy time with my beautiful little sister.”

What happens to the song Jia from Singles Inferno?

Song Jia was involved in this Controversy over counterfeit goods In January. She acknowledged him with a handwritten letter and video apology. All YouTube and Instagram posts are set privately. At this point, Zhang Jia apologized: “In the recent controversy over the use of counterfeit products, I accept that it is true and that it is my fault. I have tarnished the value of many brands and deceived people who trust me. I’m so sorry. ⁇

What happens to the song Jia from Singles Inferno?  Internet users show their support corruption

She continued: I feel so pathetic thinking of myself in the past. ⁇ Apologized again.

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Gia became popular when she appeared on Netflix’s Single’s Inferno “in December last year, but caused a stir a month later with controversy.

Internet users who have been attacking YouTube for months have shown their support, they wrote:

  • Freesia, dare !!!!!!
  • FREEGIA !!!! I will support you!
  • I hope she comes back to YouTube
  • I do not understand why she was so hated. I’m never seen her on YouTube or any of her shows, I’m not saying she did anything good, but I think she’s very disgusted, I hope this is resolved
  • She is pathetic … Freesia, courage
  • If she comes back, everything will be scripted but … bully, school bully and even those who drive under influence will come back.
  • Very sad. I support Freesia!
  • Freesia, courage. I think it would be so much fun if she shared her daily life on YouTube