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What happens if you insert an internal NVMe SSD? None –

PS5 It is designed to accommodate additional hard disks Additional NVMe SSD Should be inserted into a special slot, but the functionality is not yet supported, so it is interesting to see what happens if you try to insert a solid state drive into the provided space, as you did for the digital foundry test. The console did not start Not even.

With the April update, the PS5 has finally begun to support external USB hard drives for storing the next-gen games, which since its launch on the Xbox Series X | Similar to that found in S. However, it is possible Expand internal memory With a new SSD it has not yet been implemented by Sony, which will take care of one of the next updates.

Unlike a competing console that uses a proprietary memory expansion design to insert as a kind of external card, the PS5 is real Box M.2 The third-party NVMe SSD is accessible by removing the appropriate, external card to host. It is not known which units actually work, not only because in reality this function has not yet been provided The PS5 crashes completely, If you try to insert an additional internal SSD.

This is obviously one Security system Before the software was set up to allow for memory expansion, Sony agreed to prevent the system from being damaged, but it is interesting to see what has been proven by the digital foundry video above (in which we also see some interesting experiments in the use of external USB drives), which the PS5 decides directly on Unused If you have an NVMe SSD, the console does not even initial boot.

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At this point we are waiting for information about the arrival of support for this feature, along with a list of SSD models that are securely compatible with the PS5. There is one other function that is expected and not yet VRR support On TVs that support the HDMI 2.1 standards, though not yet different Progress Created with a new update for the operating system, which undoubtedly brought some welcome surprises.