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What do common walking applications do?  - Travelbook

What do common walking applications do? – Travelbook

It works with a processor: with a smartphone and the right programming, to plan and navigate the next hike. Stifting Warrantest has tried five popular applications.

Yes, it still is: good old walking map. A loyal companion with kinks and cracks, but its use is not intuitive. Walking apps for an alternative smartphone, outdoor fans should deliberately go. But how well does it work? What should you look for?

Stifting Warrante saw five hiking processors that users frequently download from the Google Play Store: Altrails, Perfex, Commute, Autoreactive and WikiLock. Full versions of iOS and Android tested.

The offer comes in card packs ranging from four euros to premium versions for 60 euros per year. All providers offer free versions that offer less functionality. For example, navigation is sometimes not possible.

This is how applications work

Tours can be scheduled through the provider’s website or their respective application. A larger computer screen provides a better overview, however the testers preferred route planning via the commute application. These services can be used to search other users’ routes or to create routes yourself, for example to avoid excessive paths. Filters help to find the right tours, for example in terms of hike difficulty.

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Results: Two providers persuade

Among other things, the testers began to test their hiking boots in the App: Lunberg Heath, Berketskaten in the Alps and Horse Mountains. They also checked navigation for the presence of obstructions such as demanding sections and road closures.

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Commute And the publication guided the best climbers and received a “good” rating according to the results of “Test” magazine (Release 10/2021). Only two applications showed arrows for accurate path guidance. The testers also liked the voice stimuli. So stay in the cell phone pocket during the tour.

According to the Stifting Warrantest, Altrails and Berkpex providers are best suited for experienced climbers because of the arrows and the remaining distance and no walking time. At WikiLeaks, experts do not have orientation details on standard maps.

At one point, every application that was tested failed – at a roadblock in the Horse Mountains. Testers led all services to an area of ​​Horser Hexensteak that had been closed for several months. All that was left was to return.

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Tips for use during travel

Experts advise downloading maps before the tour and using them offline. It goes with full versions and is advised in large parts of Germany. If you use voice navigation, turn off other apps to reduce display brightness and you will save battery. If in doubt, take a power bank with you.