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Weisenberg becomes Nintendo game – Weisenberg

– With the increasing incidence and related measures to control the epidemic, video conferences are growing again. Skype, Zoom or Teams: Many programs are used, but the principle is generally the same. Weißenburg, the local SPD association, wants to move on to new digital avenues at its next public meeting and invites you to visit the Virtual Pub.

Weisenberg Castro landscape now looks like Nintendo has come out with a game. A bird’s view of a room can be seen on the computer screen, as well as tables, chairs and a bar counter. Small figures move in a zigzag across the room. The sidewalk in front of the door, and a few meters away – like a sticker – Kaiser-Ludwig-Brunnan. Armin Racinger integrated it into the program to make the virtual Weisenberg more recognizable.

The 33-year-old from Weisenberger spent many evenings with the free internet project “Cather” to recreate part of his house in computer pixels. He can meet other internet users in this virtual area, chat and sit in the bubble – no distance, no mask and no risk of infection.

“I know collecting from my personal life, during lockdowns I already participated in the pub quiz and celebrated New Year’s Eve and birthday with friends,” says Armin Rachinger. He suggested that the meeting of the SPD local association should also be shifted to the virtual pub, given the growing number of infections – and that President Lizzie Pokoro immediately believed after seeing the comment. “We’re breaking new ground – we’ll try it,” he says.

After all, the possibilities for “collecting” are impressive, but at the same time low threshold requirements. Anyone with a normal computer and invitation link can participate. Before entering the virtual room, you can create an avatar in a few clicks and then use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the screen back and forth. As soon as you approach another avatar in the room, the video call will start automatically. Like sitting at a table in the bubble with friends and chatting.

The host can not only recreate the floor plan of any space – from the pub to the classroom – almost. He can save PDF documents and attachments (for example videos or online games) at certain points. There is a possibility of defining so-called “private spaces” in which a group can exchange ideas on a particular topic. You can select an area where the organizer can talk to all the other guests – for example, in a virtual lecture.

“After the greeting, our members will meet in different areas and learn something about some of the topics from our work there,” said Lizzie Pegoro. He hopes that as many generations as possible will enter the online restaurant – he believes that many older members are now more digitally adapted. At the same time, he is excited about the young members who make such an act possible. “A virtual meeting is better than no meeting yet,” says Armin Rachinger.


SPD members receive a link to the invitation. Interested parties can contact Lissy Pecoraro at [email protected].

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