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Weekly poll: What are your preferences for Nintendo in 2021? – ntower

Happy New Year to you as we begin the first survey of the newly reinforced 2021. Looking back on 2020 in the last survey, we look forward to today with renewed confidence.

Last week’s poll

However, first, we would like to see the results of the previous survey. We asked you how satisfied you were with Nintendo in 2020, and most of you thought the year would be very mixed, because only a few games will motivate you. A significantly lower turnout was seen in the year that received relatively good and bad votes. If you are interested in the right results, visit Last poll.

Poll of the week

Nintendo is expected to launch in 2021 with the title Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Anger, Which will be released on February 12 for the Nintendo Switch. However, so far, next to the Mario game, we still know nothing, and very little is known about the boldly default II, the newly launched Nintendo year on February 26th. In this survey we want to know what you want from Nintendo in 2021. At this time you can only answer the question in the comments Write us your (realistic) wishlist A Nintendo In the comments for 2021.

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