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We went to Super Nintendo World in Osaka, the first amusement park in the Mario universe

Written by Philip Mesmer

Posted today at 1:15 pm, updated at 2:54 pm.

Mario walks out of his green tube. But real time. Red hat, sinful irregular mustache, he is surrounded by Luigi, Princess Peach, green dragon Yoshi and red and white mushroom kinobio (Todd in France).

Yuhi, 21, grew up on the Nintendo DS at Mario Kart from his early childhood and wore the Kinobio mushroom, the boundaries of ecstasy: “Finally! I have been waiting for this moment for six years”. It is located at the center of Super Nintendo World, an amusement park inspired by the characters of the Japanese video game company.

Like thousands of fans, Yuhi and his friend Rin, lined up in the early hours of the morning in Osaka (western Japan) on Thursday, March 18, with a Yoshi-shaped helmet, first led to the park to enter the green tube. It was founded at the Universal Studios Japan (USJ) site near Guide World, dedicated to the universe of Harry Potter.

Beach Fortress from Super Nintendo World Park.


The wait has been long since the park opened, announced in 2015 and planned for early summer 2020 as a result of an investment estimated at 60 billion yen (1 461 million). The plague of Govt-19 has forced the organizers to push it back twice. What raises the tension among Nintendo fans is that when the green pipe exits, everyone is excited to discover the multi-colored unit, from the stained glass window in front of the castle facade and an esplanade arrangement with the pink roofs of Princess Beach.

Ticket prices are not important: 7,800 yen (60 euros) for those over 12, 5,400 yen (42 euros) for 4-11 year olds, and 7,100 yen (55 euros) for those over 65. “I’m in the gaming world! I get the gooseberry and I move. It’s very realistic, all I can say is “wow”, Cheering 19-year-old Amane, came with his friend Raina because Mario is dressed“He’s beautiful”.

Amane and Reena explore the world of Super Nintendo on the opening day of March 18, 2021.

So here they are, immersed in this park that relies on interactivity. To use this, you need to equip yourself with a “power-up” backup. In different colors, depending on the characters in the Mario universe, they allow you to connect to the Super Nintendo World app, which records all the profits earned while wandering the site, dotted, among other things, with yellow boxes marked to collect coins as Mario does in his games.

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