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Watch Dogs: Legion is coming to Nintendo Switch

Ubisoftin Watch Dogs: Brigade Technically the first game to kick off the next gen rush this holiday season Nintendo Switch Fans want to know if they too can take part in the London uprising. Well, if Ubisoft’s history with the switch is anything to go by, Winnipeg dog fans are looking forward to Legion’s Nintendo Switch port.

Watch Dogs Nintendo Switchboard: Legion is not currently working.

While this is definitely disappointing for those of you who are confident, Ubisoft is not interested in taking their latest three-A titles to the Nintendo platform. Watch dogs 1 and 2 are nowhere to be found on the switch. Assassin’s Creed Origins and Odyssey are not on stage, nor are Division Games or Rainbow Six Siege available on the handheld console. Supports Ubisoft Switch (indestructible: starting with the Phoenix Rising console), but their larger and more technically complex games have not progressed.

This is often associated with hardware limitations: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Rarely Stable at 30 frames per second on the original PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. That game is so much bigger than watch dogs: the technology that drives the brigade, the watch dogs, is so complex. The CPU of Switzerland will probably have to count and monitor the various citizens of London, dissolving with their deep simulated practices and various characteristics.

I hate to say it, but until you see the “Pro” or enhanced version of the Nintendo Switch, look at the dogs: the Legion does not work well on the console. “Small” games like Absidences The Outer World are constantly struggling on stage, and the cutting and trimming of that game makes that game look like a hot ass perfectly. In short, Ubisoft has no plans to bring Legion to Switch, not until Nintendo launches one with advanced hardware.

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– This article was updated on: October 28, 2020

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