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Warning, the dangerous virus spreads via the download link sent to WhatsApp

Warning, the dangerous virus spreads via the download link sent to WhatsApp

WhatsApp will stop working on some smartphones in 2021 – Kigo

The new malware is currently affecting WhatsApp messaging usage. He is a cyber security analyst Lucas Stefanco D’Set This particularly sounds the alarm bell about a comprehensive new virus. The researcher explains that once it infects a smartphone, it automatically sends a tricky download link to widely received WhatsApp messages. A useful method, as it uses the Google Play ID and the official Hawaii app to reach its nodes.

The download link actually refers to a fake web page that looks like the Google App Store and offers to download the official Hawaii app. The illusion is perfect, so inexperienced users can be easily fooled.

Take it

During the installation of this dummy application, the latter will ask for important access rights, including the ability to overwrite applications over other applications and the ability to read received notifications. Thanks to these permissions, malware can display fake ads, but will also display fake login pages to recover victims’ identities.

The second will allow it to be further sacrificed. When a WhatsApp message is received, the malware automatically responds to the message through the app’s “Quick Response” function. His answer will be the popular cheat download link and the following message; “Download this app and beat the smartphone”. A simple, yet effective message that will attract young people, unfamiliar users, or individuals unfamiliar with phishing campaigns and other online scams.

It is advisable to be critical when receiving a link to such a suspicious message. If in doubt, ask your contact to confirm this link and the message received. At least this time The problem is not in WhatsApp, But from malicious persons.

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