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Warframe creators announce Soulframe - news

Warframe creators announce Soulframe – news

Tennocon released in 2022 with this trailer, Soul frame Creative Director Steve Sinclair’s next game WarframeWho has He handed over the direction From the latter to Rebecca Ford, they can focus on this new, massively multiplayer, free-to-play action-RPG. Still early in its development, Soul frame Contain ideas of conflict between nature and humanity and restoration and exploration. As Digital Extremes talks about a transparent, collaborative and community-based process, we should hear a lot about it during the development of the game.

In an interview prepared with The Washington PostSteve Sinclair explains Soul frame And Warframe It shares a passion for procedurally generated environments and cooperative PvE action, but that’s where the similarities end. More fantasy than science fiction, Soul frame Additionally offers a much different, slower, more methodical and melee based combat Warframe Plays like a TPS.

Soul frame Digital Extremes will be a reflection of everything learned since its release Warframe In 2013, it evolved from a modest co-op shooter into an open world with increasingly mature stories, settings and activities. If digital extremes have evolved Warframe Beyond all initial expectations, the studio is counting Soul frame To offer a brand new start on familiar and different grounds.

The world we see in the video is similar to the main core, from an open world where we access a network of caves, crevices and other undergrounds, a world that is a little angry at what he has been made to endure is created in a practical way. . Note that despite the game’s name and the trailer’s Sybil’s narration, Digital Extremes’ choice is not to emulate FromSoftware’s work. It has to be said that the game is still a bit advanced anyway, so only a small team (mainly artists) was dedicated to it until last February.

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