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Pokémon Unite : Est Ce Que Nintendo Switch Online Est Requis

Want to play online on Nintendo Switch?

They call it The Pokémon Company’s League of Legends, but it’s a MOBA with its own personality. Created by TiMi Studio for Nintendo, Pokémon Unite was designed Free to play It can now be downloaded for free on its Nintendo Switch version, although later, in September, it will also be available for users of iOS and Android mobile devices.

Can we play without being a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber?

Nintendo Switch Online is a subscription service through which console users can access the online features of hybrid games. However, this assumption is nullified in this type of video games, just like in other competing companies Free to play. This means that titles that can be downloaded and played for free (with in-app purchases) are exempt from this requirement. These are products like Apex Legends and Fortnite, and yes, Pokémon Unite.

Free-to-play business model

This way, everyone who owns a Nintendo Switch can get this long-awaited video game for free, which has already been launched and is being tested by thousands of players around the world. Although this is an online video game, Nintendo Switch Online membership is not required. Instead, there are many microtransactions that the customer can choose to buy or not. After all, this is the Pokémon Company’s established business model and source of revenue with Pokémon Unite.

Pokemon Unite is available on Nintendo Switch, with its arrival on mobile devices pending. We remind you that it is still possible to receive Pokemon Gerora as a gift until August 31, while you can see which creatures are included in this link, their movements, etc.